10 Best ways to hang posters in your classroom

Rebecca Maymi

Hanging posters is always the biggest hassle, especially if your room is these beautiful painted cinder blocks. Here's Maymi's Posters top ten tips, tricks and tools to hang up our posters!

  1. Hot glue- Put hot glue on the item you want to hang first. The item will absorb the heat instead of the wall, so the glue wont peal the paint. I believe hot glue the best way to go. It peels off the wall and the product with out harming it. 

  2. Command Stripes- Command adhesive outdoor. These are great because they are meant to withstand the wind and the rain, so it'll have a chance up against teenagers!

  3. Teach your classroom decor a lesson with this miracle product. This stuff is perfect for the other things that you need on your wall, like your clock and a bulletin board.

  4. Mavalus Tape found on Amazon- Is a super adhesive tape! 

  5. Colored duct tape- Why not be spunky with your colors choices. Warning-- Duct tape always leaves residue on the poster and the wall. 

  6. Clear Packing tape

  7. Automotive tape

  8. Super Glue

  9. Velcro-- I like the idea of velcro so you can switch out your anchor charts. But, I think I would still hot glue the velcro to the wall and the poster.

  10. But, not sticky tack! If your space changes temperature- sticky tack won’t hold.

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