8 things we loved about SummerFest 2016

SummerFest 2016 was a great experience! I love feeling inspired by workshops and other theatre teachers. I have a list of posters to design from hearing what teachers need in the workshop- stay tuned for those. I always love the feeling of being refreshed and prepared for the start of the school year. Thank you Maggie Rodriguez, Janae Glanton, Amy Wise and Stage and Craft for supporting Maymi's Posters this weekend! Here's a list of the things I loved the most about Summerfest 2016! 


Duck, Duck… TURTLES!! 
The Texas State campus was a  beautiful place to host Summerfest! Parking was a breeze on campus, there were always spots for everyone at the theatre building and at the dorms! You know it's a good event when there's good parking. Oh, back to the scenery- there were ducklings and super great turtles. Luckily, Dallas ISD has an in house turtle expert to point out the different species. My turtle pictures all look like a moss covered lumps? So. Here's a super cute one from the SummerFest Guidebook-- Thanks, anonymous turtle photographer!

Donation Store and Door Prizes 
This summer was my first SummerFest, I had no idea that the donation store was a thing. I love when something is well organized filled with free theatre things. What a great way to spread the love! I snagged some great elf costumes and some super cool radio plays! 

Maymi's Posters infused Summerfest with a bunch of door prizes and donations. I would LOVE to see your posters when you put them up in your classroom in a few weeks. 

 UIL Announcements from Luis Munoz by Stage and Craft 

THIS LINK sums up the meeting announcements perfectly! After you read that blog stay awhile and look around the rest of the STAGE AND CRAFT website.

The Stage and Craft website has some GREAT ideas and assignments to work with technology in the classroom! 


Maymi’s Posters heard you loud and clear. It seemed every other workshop talked about teaching measurement. Here’s an anchor chart for our students to reference in the classroom, the scene and costume shops and to impress your admin!

In the Garza’s workshop "Lights, Set, Action!", a teacher mentioned a great assignment! She has her students make their own ruler as an assessment grade. (So clever, right?) The students color code their increments- red lines for the inch mark, green lines for the quarter marks and so on. Talk about a great picture to send your evaluator!   


Foam! Foam! Foam!
This workshop had some real life advice and hardcore (or should I say foamcore) inspiration. Literally the most amazing props and costumes and set pieces. EVER. 

This past year, I've decided to work foam for a lot of class scenes and productions. It's just so middle school friendly, easy to store and cheap. But I couldn't figure out how to make a hole for hinges or how to keep the clamp on the hinge. I thought it was just user error. Well that was part of it, but also there are so real tricks and tips that are worth trying. 

LIKE... Adhering the grippy cabinet liner on the hinges so the clamp won't slide off during the show. Not directly a foam issue but important to try. 

LIKE...Putting duct tape on either side of the foam then THEN poke a hole through the foam.  No foam cracks now <:)

Summer Reading List

      1. Michael Moore's 100 Duet Scenes 
        Recommended by Michael Moore himself in his playwriting workshop. There's great short middle school and high school scenes. I love having an appropriate short scene book to add to the bookshelf. 
      2. Mask of Reality
        Recommended by Marissa Meek in Foam, Foam, Foam! She rereads this design book every summer. I think I'll start the tradition, too. 
      3. Better Than Carrots or Sticks
        Recommended by me in Acting like a CHAMPION. It's a quick read with lots of great tips and tricks to making peace in your classrooms. 
      4. The Goodman Theatre's Festival Latino
        Also recommended by me to anyone looking for a relevant stories to tell on stage.  

Dorm Life 

Who doesn't like spending a weekend in a super classy and soo affordable place? Sayer's Hall was so college classy. Those dorms are bigger than our first apartments. I loved kicking it like Bobcat. (But let's be honest-- nothing beats "Penthouse 512" in SFA's Griffith Hall. Go Jacks! #bleedpurple  #alwaysalumberjack)


Friends, Food and Fellowship

Summerfest was such a great host. Delicious AND healthy food the whole weekend! And then there was the peach cobbler was decidedly the best part of Summerfest (well, one of them).

Cheers to old and new friends! 


'Till next Summer! 


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