60 Questions asked in a Theatre Teacher Interview

Rebecca Maymi

There’s a lot of stress and emotions that go in preparing for an interview. Miguel and I have gotten into the habit of after an interview jotting down all the questions we have been asked and then writing down our responses.

  • Learn everything you can about the campus, click all the clicks on the website, watch all the youtube fight videos, articles about the sport teams- then do the same for the feeders. The more you know, the easier it is build a relationship in forty five minutes that will carry you through the year. 
  • Feel free to use this list of questions as a template- copy paste and fill in your answers. It’s important to organize your thoughts so you stay positive and professional.
  • Resume and Portfolio
  • A notebook and Pen
  • A list of questions ask the interview 
Here’s a list of 40 questions that both of us have been asked in all interview events. Some of the questions are a little repetitive, but I thought it was important to include all the variations of the same question. So you can be as prepared as possible. Of course, you aren’t going to be asked 40 questions, on a lose average, I bet they’ll ask you two to three questions from each category.

    1. What are five adjectives that describe you?
      What are three strengths?
      What are three weaknesses?
    2. Describe yourself. Tell little about what makes you- you?
    3. Tell us a little about yourself.
    4. Are you punctual, reliable?
    5. Tell us about your resume. 
    6. Tell me about your teaching experience.
    7. What is something you would like me to know about you?
    8. What is your teaching philosophy? 
    9. Why do you want to be a teacher?
    10. Tell me about your theatre experience. 
    11. What is your tech theatre experience? Describe your tech experience and skills.
    12. Who is your number one role model? Who helped you become you today in your class?
    13. What is your biggest concern about being a 1st year teacher? 
    14. What was your biggest challenge to overcome as a 1st year teacher/student teaching?
    15. Let’s say an administration gave out a memo, you didn't like it- what do you do?
    16. Why are you leaving your campus?
    17. If we talked to your last admin what would they say about you?

    18. What is your discipline intervention plan?
    19. How are you going to deal with parents?
    20. How do you build relationships with kids/parents in the middle of the year?
    21. How are you an effective teacher?
    22. How do you know if you’re successful in the classroom?
    23. What do you do for your at risk students? 
    24. What is a challenge you have had to overcome
    25. How comfortable are you with Sp Ed students?
    26. What is your behavior management plan look like? Describe your behavior management style? 
    27. Describe a time when you had to be flexible.
    28. Describe a tough situation that you had to overcome.

    29. What do you lesson plans look like?
    30. Describe a lesson. Was this a part of an unit? What was the project before this? What’s the lesson after this? 
    31. What do you do when your students aren’t understanding it?
    32. How do you support STARR/academics in your class? 
    33. How do you involve literacy in your classes?
    34. How would you integrate history and culture in your presence on campus?
    35. What do you when a kid has stage fright?
    36. What is your favorite thing to share with your kids?
    37. What is your favorite style or period of theatre to share with your kids?

    38. Do you allow the whole school to be apart of your activities? 
    39. Would you be willing to work with all the fine arts? 
    40. Can you run on a department on a very little funds?

An interview is a dialogue- don’t forget YOU are looking for YOUR new home. Take this time to learn if you can work with them. One of the most essential parts of the interview is when they ask you- do you have any questions for us? YES. Yes, you do. The biggest interview mistake is walking away and saying “I don’t think so, thank you for your time.” I listed twenty of my favorites here. I actually have this list printed out and in my folder that I take in to the interview. There’s some situations where it was really effective to pull out a list. It looks prepared and thoughtful. 

Questions YOU can ask the Interviewer

41. CAN YOU TAKE ME ON TOUR? Teachers, this is where you close the deal, this is your power play. Ask to see what would be your space. It's impossible not to build a memorable relationship with the interviewer walking the halls of their school. Take charge of YOUR interview.
42. Describe two times they supported a teacher last year?
43. Describe how the administration staff supported the fine arts last year?
44. How can you support them next year?
45. How can the fine arts department better support the campus?
46. What are your expectations of a drama department?
47. What does your ideal candidate look like?
48. What have past employees done to succeed in this position?
49. How do you support teachers in the classroom?
50. What does discipline look like on this campus?
51. Can you use three adjectives to describe school wide procedures at your campus.
52. Do you have UIL on campus?
53. What do funds look like for the fine arts department
54. How involved are parents? PTO? Stu co?
55. What are your expectations of a drama class?
56. What was your favorite thing that past employees have done for your students?
57. What would you like to see that’s different from how the past department was run?
58. What do you love most about working here?
59. The first three weeks are very important for me to meet as many of the faculty as possible, how would you recommend I do that?
60. Why did you want to become a principal?

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  • I would love to see a follow-up post for theatre teachers in order to hear the things we look for from the administrative side.

    Rachel Harrah

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