Maymi's Posters' Theatre Gift Guide

Maymi's Posters' Theatre Gift Guide

Spreading Holiday Cheer… Dramatically!

Based on the holiday music coming out of my Technical Director’s classroom (as of 3 WEEKS AGO!) It must be time to start thinking about holiday gifting! Holiday gifting has traditionally been a bit of a competition in the Maymí residence, with me and Becky versus my brother and his wife. I am proud to say that we typically “win Christmas” but he’d probably dispute that. This year, we want to help you “win Christmas” in your friend circles by providing a list of some great gift ideas for the theatre person in your life!

(Quick disclaimer, we don't have any relationship with these vendors, we just think their stuff is really cool!)


Merry Christmas, Poster Lovers


Stocking Stuffing!

Let’s start with the smaller gifts. There are so many fun options for you to give as a stocking stuffer. We like to give stocking stuffers that are small, personal, and have some sort of function (whether it’s work or play). 

1. Not your kindergarten teacher's finger puppets

After such a contentious election cycle, many of us need someone to talk to or intermediary between our friends. Why not try a finger puppet! I’m a huge fan of The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild, especially their selection of finger puppets! They have a wide variety of “magnetic personalities” like Charlie Chaplin, Frida Kahlo, Martha Graham, even Edgar Allen Poe’s Raven. These guys are a good place to start because they also have a huge variety of other gift options and gift sets.

Store Front:
Our Favorites:


2. Scripted Writing Tools

Too loud, or not too loud? That is the question… for your sound designer! These pencils will give you fun respite from that note you're giving - FOR THE 23rd TIME! They come in a wide variety of scripts and texts for all your friends nerdiest loves.

Store Front:
Our Favorites:
Price: Ranges from $4-$8

Another Store Front
Our Favorites
Price: Ranges from $8-$10


 Under the Tree 

At the Maymi Residence, we picked up one of those super cute Whole Food Christmas bushes that came with a string of lights and straw ornaments-- literally the cutest. The presents are stacked unwrapped  behind it, maybe after the winter talent show, musical rehearsals, winter choirs and soirees we will throw wrapping paper on them and finally take a picture. Maybe.. Any way here's our gift list for our theatre family. 


3. Tees for under your Christmas Tees! 

I love presents that keep on giving! Did you know Lin Manual has a his own small business selling tees that give back to several causes?!! The tees are designed by local New York artists, these are musical theatre products ACTUALLY LICENSED by Lin Manual.  

Store Front:  Tee
ur Favorite:   Love is Love
rice Ranges: $19-$50


4. Read (and wear) it Out Loud! 

These are some pretty cool shirts and other clothing accessories whose graphics are made up of the text from your favorite written work! They have so many different products (tshirts, totes, scarves) with scripts and texts written ALL OVER IT. I absolutely love their aesthetic. I mean, come on, is not this perfect thing for all those stylish teaching theatre nerds? 

Store Front:
Our Favorites:
Price: Ranges from $7.00-41.00


5. Pretty Shiny Hamilton Bracelets

Uh. Yes, please. All of them, every color. Gimme, gimme, gimme... 

I did a lot of research on bracelets, because it seems like every store on etsy has something similar for varying prices. I love the reviews, the way the metal looks, the way the font looks. 

She also makes Harry Potter, Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, and Friends. This is definitely something affordable, classy and perfect for anyone on your list. 

Store Front: Etsy's Zen and Tonic Bracelets
Our Favorites: 
Price: $16.00


6. Make this Christmas "Lit"

This is perfect for that special lighting designer in your life. Transform any room with color! The Phillips Hue bulbs are a hit at our house! At the Maymi residence, we have the living room timed with colors from Starry Night, a picture from our wedding, to a lazy sunset. You can even control all the lights from your phone! This means you never have to get up to turn on and off those lights!!! 

Store Front: Phillips Hue
Our Favorite: Starter Kit on Amazon
Price for a starter kit is 69.99 on Amazon (Since it's on amazon, it makes this a perfect last minute gift!)

Second favorite: The Phillips Bloom for 59.99 on Amazon 


7. I care, You care, We all care for Broadway! 

Broadway Cares supports the fight for aids as well as supporting our obsession for all things musical theatre. They have some really neat, affordable gifts. It always makes a Christmas gift sweeter when it's supporting a good cause. There's an UP TO DATE playbill calendar with NEW and RECENT productions- which would be ideal for a classroom. 

Store Front:
Our Favorite:
Playbill Wall Calendar 


8. Send 'em Out on... Our Town

Give the gift of even MORE theatre with season tickets to some of your favorite local theatre. Whether it's a community, regional, or Broadway tour house, they'll appreciate your gift year round! 

Store Front: Check out your local theatre websites!
Our Favorites: Irving Community Theatre, Theatre ThreeCara Mía Theatre Company, Firecracker Productions

Prices: Vary based on your location.


9. Posters from Maymi's Posters! Of course! 


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