So Lit - A Theatre Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for that special theatre person to show them that they really light up your life!  It's tough find something that's exciting and useful. These theatre gifts put the fun in functional! I know any one in theatre world would to unwrap these goodies. We picked out something for the crew, the stage manager, the director and the actor! Find your light right here on Maymi's Posters' Gift Guide!

1. For the Costume Crew!

Check out these Bite Lights on a lanyard. I know on during quick changes or trying to sew up an actor's pants- these bite lights are perfect! Follow this link to an Amazon product for 3 lights for $24.99  


2. For the Tech Crew!

These are typically used in doctor's offices, but I think they are perfect for the pocket of your favorite techie! It's ideal for a small focused light about the size of pen to see in to dark corner Follow this Amazon link to find four lights for $9.99 

3. For the Director! 

This pack of 12 pens with a small led light is great for the Director! This pen lights up the paper so a Director can take notes for the cast and crew during a run! Follow this link to Amazon.


4. For the Critic! 

These are a fancier version of the above. Because critics is so fancy. Follow this link to Amazon for  a set of two pens for 12.99 ---2 for 12.99 --12 for 29

5. For the Stage Manager!!

HOw great is this?! A flash light on one end and a pen on the other?! Witchcraft? No, Stagecraft. Follow this link to Amazon for a pack of 3 pens for 10.99   ---3 for 10.99

6. For the Actor!

Because they have to be the stars, here's my favorite star lights on Amazon. I just love the projected stars on all the walls. Kindof a fun idea for a classroom?!   --15.99 ---19.99

Theatre family, what are you asking for for Christmas? 

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