2017 Summer Guide for Theatre Teachers

It’s the end of the school year and if you and your students are anything like us… you’re probably partying pretty hard!
In between partying though, you may be faced with this question:
How can I best spend my summer?
Maymi's Posters has a few ideas for you.

Watch a bunch of theatre!

Support your local theatre companies, travel around and look for others.

  • One quirky idea: Miguel used to spend his summers doing shows with the Brazos Bottom Cow’ographers. He went around reenacting old west gunfights at different town fairs! Check out some of those fairs for fun traveling performances!

(Here he is cooling off between sets- isn't he cute?!)

  • See it for free! Ushering at local theatres for free- Watertower, summer shakespeare...

Devise a piece of theatre with friends! Team up with local amatuer theatre and offer it as a community involvement activity!


Take some time serious time for yourself to recenter your emotional being. Bring a camera, you never know when you’ll come across inspiration!

  • Go on a hike, enjoy nature, work on your mindfulness, go a day (or a two days, or a week, or a month) without technology.
    • Mindfulness is a big new push for Dallas ISD and it’s been helping a lot of our peers out on our campuses.


Find a Whole New World!

Seek out places that offer intellectual, artistic, and spiritual inspiration.

  • Go to the zoo, an art museum tour, sea world, Disneyland, Lego Land, or science museum! Inspiration abounds in all of these places and you might just come across the next big idea!


Practice what you preach!

This is a good time to make exemplars and improve on your lesson plans.

  • Do an activity you have your students do. Learn a monologue, make a puppet, analyze a script, make a collage from magazines make an “All About Me” poster… Record your process, craft or performance to show the kids next year


Practice Design!

Take the opportunity to come up with fresh designs for EVERYTHING you read this summer. It helps not just creative juices flow, but analytical!

  • Just like there are books that provide excellent writing prompts, there are Drawing Prompt books. It’s an excellent way to practice and flex your artistic muscles!
  • Make scenic models of a favorite tv show, movie, play. We do these kinds of activities with our students all of the time, it’d be great to show them what can be done with more time and attention.
    • We are going to be in the process of remodelling our house and plan on making little models for just this very reason!
  • Hindsight is 20/20-- Redesign past shows.

Visit Vendors!

There are so many opportunities to get free training and experience on new equipment. It never hurts to strengthen your relationship with your vendors and they’re always excited to have you in their space!

  • Set up a time to go meet with the vendors you use. What are they coming out with next? How can you use what you have better? A lot of vendors offer training on new equipment or allow you to participate in shootouts where you can see the performance of different lighting instruments side-by-side.



Read a Book!

  • Wicked
  • Curious incident of the dog in the nighttime
  • Harry Potter Cursed Child
  • Bio of your favorite actor (sometimes they do their own audio books which is extra special)


OR D. Go to SUMMERFEST to do all the above from July 28-30

Register for Summerfest HERE


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