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Money is tight when you’re jumping head first into your first year teaching, a new school or just a new year. Miguel and I are both teachers so in July and August our bank account is like a double scoop of desert with a dash of extra cobwebs. We get it. Money is dumb and the beginning of the year is stressful. So That’s where Maymi’s Posters comes in.


We pulled together a list that won’t just make your room Pinterest Perfect but also give you Admin Award Winning Activities.

All you need: 50 bucks and off to Target we go!

With the full intent of not buying anything and making an informative target blog, we forgot about the blog and proceeded to buy everything that was rose gold and for our new house… Sorry, Maymi Nation, we let you down. Lesson learned. Don’t go to Target with only fifty bucks. Target will win.

Ok. So on to the next place- IKEA!!

Here’s a few tips that I use in my classroom from IKEA! On the way here, Miguel wasn’t quite sure if we would be to stay within the guidelines of the summer series at IKEA. “There’s no way, we could get more than one thing under fifty bucks here!” Ha! Little does he know I’m far more stubborn than he was skeptical.

Step 1. PREP

  • Ikea doesn’t give you bags. Bring bags. I always forget the bags. Every. Time. 

Step 2. Let’s go shopping!

Ikea is really two phases. Phase 1) The wandering and Phase2) the shopping. We spent almost entire time off task upstairs...Hey, it’s summer. But-- We promise Miguel cooked up something goood for this week’s blog! Miguel loves to pretend he has is own cooking show- so domestic!


Here’s a shopping list all for under fifty bucks:

The frame with stands- $5.43 for two frames
A long frame $9.99
Compass Rug- $12.99
Crew Books- $2.99 for three books
Puppet- 6.99
Paper dispenser- $7.99

The frame with stands- $5.43 for two frames

I have like ten of these. I keep a few in the auditorium closet and then a few in my classroom. I use them for everything under the sun.

-Parent night sign in
-Material pick up/organization
-Table numbers at the beginning of the semester
-Outlining the to do list for the day so I don’t have to have the projector on

Practical use from a behavior management perspective. If I noticed that the class folders were being put away sloppy. I just hand write a reminder on neon paper and kids would pick up on it. Instead of asking them to do something, which isn’t particularly negative, but I spent that energy praising the students.

A long frame $9.99

It’s your classic theatre one activity- make a collage of you! And then keep it up all year! It doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your room- I’ve seen some teachers who dedicate a whoooooole bulletin board of all about them. I keep mine small and next to the pencil sharpener. You don’t need to spend instructional time on yourself either, I spend maybe one slide for 2 minutes on the first day talking about me. But, to be honest, I feel like I have to have a slide on the first day as a time filler, but that just bores me and the kids. I like planting little hints of who I am in this frame to use in a really big way later on. This college should be something you can use to engage old and NEW students with one on one as the year progresses.

These pictures should be specific to things you think you could spark a discussion with a student that can hopefully tail back to theatre or planning a bright future. I have a picture of my puppy in a dressing room getting ready for a show- Students could talk for hours about pets and animals and I could talk for hours about the musical, Annie. I even have a video of Adena ACTING.

Things to put in your college:

Your dormroom
Your wedding day
You in middle school (or whatever grade you teach)
Your family growing up and now
Your first show
You in a funny costume

Compass Rug- $12.99

I love having a rug at the front of the room. Functional and instructional. I’m clumsy. I trip over the projector cords all the freaking time. If I put a rug over them, the tripping hazard is gone! This rug is especially instructional because it’s adorable compass rug in the kids section, because I can use it to tell them to ground themselves, they can’t leave the rug during a monologue!

Bonus-- it’s a COMPASS-- HELLO STEAM! YES AND, let’s figure out where north and south is. YES AND, let’s use a geography vocabulary word as much as possible when an administrator comes into the room. YES AND-- I think geography is a perfect theatre room theme.

Crew Books- $2.99 for three

Miguel found this whole section of ikea with office supplies. They had packs of three black notebooks. (UH-super cute) What a CHEAP way to make your crew feel special! 


Puppets- $6.99

EVERYONE LOVES PUPPETS. Start a cheap collection of puppets. They’re fabric, they will survive middle schoolers. It’s ok.

One of my favorite thing’s about having hand puppets on hand is the relationships you can potentially build through them with kids. There might be one really quiet kid, maybe that kid doesn’t speak a lot of english or needs something to hide behind to talk and allowing them to use a puppet might help them to step out of their comfort zone.

My first performance is a stand up comedy show the second week of school during class time. All I ask the student to do is to stand up and say a joke! I give the kids an option to use an inflatable microphone and/or to use a hand puppet. Some kids might feel more comfortable with someone next to them. Like a puppet.

Paper dispenser- $7.99

Miguel found this and I think it’s awesome! Perfect for table talk, discussion, group work and multiple response strategies.


What do you use in your classroom from Ikea?! 


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