Teaching Theatre with 50 bucks: The Party City Edition!

Rebecca Maymi

Teaching Theatre with 50 Bucks  
at PARTY CITY!!!   

Money is tight when you’re jumping head first into your first year teaching, a new school or just a new year. Miguel and I are both teachers so in July and August our bank account is like a double scoop of desert with extra cobwebs. We get it. Money is dumb and the beginning of the year is stressful. That’s where Maymi’s Posters comes in.


We pulled together a list that won’t just make your room Pinterest Perfect but also give you Admin Award Winning Activities.

All you need: 50 bucks.

Step 1. PREP

  • Bring your phone to look up and scan Party City Coupons at check out. 

Step 2. Let’s go shopping!

Party City is Miguel's playground. Hehe, but everyone wants to have fun here because someone helped us goof off! Thanks stranger for laughing at ...I mean WITH Miguel! ;)

--30 minutes later--

Ok, here's our shopping list-


Dress up grab bag: $20

First stop- rainbow wall. I have a tote FULL of random dress items in my room that I let the kids use for silly improv scenes- news reporting or music videos! It really adds a level of engagement and photo ops for the kids to post. I've used the same idea from PK-12 grades. I pick different colors of things made of FABRIC. Things that take more than a tug to break. Things instantly give you an idea for a character. With my urban middle school teacher hat on- I tend to stray from blue and red. Also, from a design stand point- blue and red are boring choices, anyway. I love getting yellow, orange, green and purple accessories. Which gives me the opportunity to talk about warm and cool colors, plus color meanings to add rigor to something so simple as dress up. I pick up accessories from this wall when ever I can. 

Theatre ROCKS!

Four Inflatable Mics: $3.99

Literally the best four dollars I spent in the last five years of teaching. I use these for EVERYTHING. A funny Talent Show bit, Lip Syncs, Improv Games, When I get bored on any random Thursday.. The kids LOVE dropping the mic for monologue practice, when we do our comedy show in the first week of class. These microphones will entice the children to get on stage.

Mental note for next time: Inflatable Guitars for $8.99. Uh, yes, please..

LIGHTS, camera, action! 
Party Light Pack- $14.99

Light and shiny things are the most engaging incentives you can have in your classroom! I can see these being utilized in a really smart way for classroom management- timers, clean up, improv games- DANCE PARTY?!  

It's really hard to do lighting when you're a new teacher no matter how skilled you are. It always comes down to budgets. Party City has really great solutions to creating a creative environment for future techies and actors. This aisle offers great ideas for class scenes, classroom decor or stage lighting effects. Miguel likes the fire bulb for cool stage special effects. More than just decoration, you can utilize the equipment on this aisle on stages big and small for a variety of different effects. The way I look at it, I could use a strobe and fog machine immediately can think of two big ticket events -Haunted house and one act. 


College Board Initiatives! 

College Decoration Pack (BONUS: in the colors of your room!!) $9.99

Want admin bonus points and adventurous students, but don't want to pay the astronomical price tag for college brands? Take a shopping basket through this aisle. In Dallas ISD, teachers are asked to check the box that says their classroom stresses a college bound environment.

I found these color graduation decoration bundles that come in so many different colors. Only 10 bucks for alot of decorative items to make your room stand out and focused on the students!!!

Mental Note for next time: If you wanted to get crazy-- Visit Party City every quarter to focus on one of these colleges. Who cares if it's your revival school, it might really cool to charge up your students with college energy.

Shiny Star Sticks $1.50 

I use these gold things all the time. Anytime I need decoration: the first day of school, parent nights, booths, ticket tables, audition announcements in the front of office, it holds down table cloths outside for fall festival... They are cheap enough that if they walk away, I won't cry. They are so durable that I have had the same six things all five years. Super worth getting. If you are tight on monies- get these over the pretty lights. 


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