Theatre Teachers with 50 bucks: The Halloween Leading Lady Edition

Does your campus deem Halloween as a Dress up like a character from a book day?! It’s my favorite thing in all the land! But I always procrastinate and end up going as sockless Dobby from Harry Potter. I just didn’t wear socks… No lame costume this year! Broadway, here I come! (DId anyone else sing that in Beautiful Jeremy Jordan’s voice? No, just me? Cool.)

All of the costume pieces are found on Amazon- one stop shopping! And all the characters are (under or around) $50 Holidays don’t have to mean breaking the bank! Shoes always puts us over budget- am I right, costumers?!

From a teacher perspective- I would really push you guys to juice all the teaching moments during the day to spark students curiosity about musicals. Tell them all the fun facts about your musical, show them video clips, behind the scenes videos. Hey, maybe even have a drama club get together where everyone picks a character from a show on stage and play show tunes. Halloween is our time to shine!

Here’s your master list of 12 Musical Character Costume
around 50 bucks ready to order on Amazon!

***After further thinking- I’m not sure all the costumes are all school time appropriate. I mean- teaching middle school in Veronica or Millie outfit seems like a terrible idea. But a super cute idea for a party with friends! I went back through and designated characters that are dress code, age appropriate and comfortable for class time.


1. Thoroughly Modern Millie-- Millie

Red Flapper Dress $29 

Red Flapper Accessories $14.99

Red Pumps $20

2. Shrek- Fiona

Green Princess Dress $34.99

Crown $18.99

3. Les Mis- Fantine

Peasant Dress- $34.90

Wide Waist Corset $10.99

4. Anything Goes- Hope

Perfect for school!

Blue striped shirt $10

White pants $23

Navy Scarf $7.99

Yea, totally didn’t mean to but the first four costumes are Sutton Foster characters. I love Sutton Foster more than cookie dough ice cream.

5. Addams Family -- Wednesday

Black Dress $23.99

Black Knee High Socks $8.99

Classic Oxfords $25

6. Book of Mormon

Perfect for school time!
Skinny Black tie $7.99

White short sleeve button up $16.99

Black Slacks $31.99

7. Cats
There’s all the colors of fur! So you can choose which cat from Cats you want to be!! Choices!

Cat Ears $9.15

White fur vest $11.29

Furry Leg Warmers $11.76

8. Heathers- Veronica
Blue Blazer $18.99

Pleated Skirt $24.99

Knee High Socks $7

9. Hamilton- Hamilton

Perfect for school!

Blue Military jacket 35.99

White Ruffle Shirt, $25.99

10. Waitress- Jenna

Perfect for school!

Apron $7.78

Waitress Dress $21.02

White Keds $39.95

11. Beauty and the Beast-- Belle
Perfect for school!

Blue Dress, $17.99

White shirt $18.99

White lacey apron 24.95

12. West Side Story- Maria
Perfect for school!
Red Rose belt $7.09

White Lace Dress- $29.99

Red Flats- $10

Bonus- Jane Way of the Star Ship Voyager
Miguel and I are binging watching all the Star Trek series for the last several years. It’s great to have on in the background after dinner. Janeway is by far my favorite captain. She’s fierce, stubborn and creative. Sound a little like me. This is a great option for Halloween!

Command Badge 7.25

Red Dress $29.99

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