Theatre Teachers with Fifty Bucks: The TARGET Edition

Rebecca Maymi

Money is tight when you’re jumping head first into your first year teaching, a new school or just a new year. Miguel and I are both teachers so in the beginning of the year our bank account is like a double scoop of desert with a dash of extra cobwebs. We get it. Money is dumb and the beginning of the year is stressful. So That’s where Maymi’s Posters comes in.

We pulled together a list that won’t just make your room Pinterest Perfect but also give you Admin Award Winning Activities.

All you need: 50 bucks and off to Target we go! Take one!

With the full intent of not buying anything and making an informative target blog, we forgot about the blog and proceeded to buy everything that was rose gold and for our new house… Sorry, Maymi Nation, we let you down. Lesson learned. Don’t go to Target with only fifty bucks. Target will win.

Ok. So. I tried Target again! And succeeded! Ha! Take that Target!
Here’s a few tips that I use in my classroom from Target!!

Step 1. PREP
There’s nothing I can tell you that will save you from Target.

Step 2. Let’s go shopping!

Here’s a shopping list all for under fifty bucks:
Label Maker - $19.99
Contigo Coffee Mug- $22.99
Sidewalk Chalk- $6.99

Sidewalk Chalk?! YES. SIDE WALK CHALK changed my life last semester. Here's why-

Sidewalk Chalk- $6.99
A lot of campuses are pushing for multiple response strategies with students. What funner way to work out a lecture in the courtyard or on the sidewalk outside the portables? Not only do I love the possibilities for students draw examples of what they learned OUTSIDE but so did the admin. Make sure to snap a picture or two of students working together and email it to your evaluator and principal. Ok- I taught middle school and I always made sure to have a small bucket of water and simple sponge to edit what the students might decide to draw or write. We also used the chalk to welcome the fifth graders to campus and to direct audience members to the auditorium from the parking lot. Best 7 bucks I spent at Target. #bestteacheroftheyearaward

Label Maker- $19.99
As theatre teachers, we have sooooo many things. We are the keeper of things. And it’s so hard to keep the things organized, especially when there’s a room or a stage full of middle schoolers. I have labeled where everything goes! AND then labeled them with my name and theatre. #selfcare

Contigo Coffee Mug- $22.99
Miguel and I have like a million of these. The contigo coffee mug is INVINCIBLE AND UNSPILLABLE. I love the way coffee never comes out if I throw it on the ground, in my purse or kick it down the hallway while a fumble with a stack of copies. My cup is my best friend. I don’t start a new year without one. My favorite one has a button to activate a lever that opens a small hole for the beautiful coffee to come out. There’s also a feature that can lock the button so ensure no spillage. #selfcare

Among the Target shine and glitter, Maymi’s Posters thinks that teachers could get alot of milage with these three items. Haha- I don’t even know if I could function without these. Well, really just the coffee cup.

What do you use from Target? Where should Maymi’s Posters shop next?

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