EMERGENCY THEATRE SUB PLAN: 7 Day Play Analysis Packet

$ 5.00
Emergency plans and packets are best used when there’s already copies made in a an easy place to access by a co worker or admin. (I have mine in the top drawer of the filing cabinet in a red file folder.)

You’ll STILL need to add a short scene or play-
My favorite last minute scenes are from Don Zolidis’ Website or online ten minutes plays. Print a class copies of the scene on colored paper and have the students leave in the center of their table or on their desk the whole week. 

Each day students will be asked to reread the scene and analyze setting, character and plot by answering questions and then writing their answers in paragraph form. 

Included in this 14 page file-
Sub Lesson Plan
Five days of questions with a space to write a rough draft in a paragraph 
Essay handout 
Extra credit

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