EMERGENCY THEATRE SUB PLAN: 5 day Monologue Packet

$ 10.00

Ever have a class that needs to just sit down and do individual work for a week? Or have a week that you just need quiet time to work on your production?  This monologue packet will keep your students engaged and busy with actual theatre work. They will be guided to write their own original monologue, rehearse a monologue and then perform the monologue. 

Print this packet and go do you, you amazing Theatre Teacher, you!  

Each assignment has the objective, DOL, Instructions and behavior expectations! This file is theatre teacher approved, admin applauded and student loved!  

Included in this 10 page File :

  • Week long Lesson Plan 
  • Packet Cover Page
  • Prewriting Exercise
  • Monologue Writing Activity
  • Guided Monologue Rehearsal Log
  • Monologue Warm up
  • Peer Critique
  • Self Reflection


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