Shakespeare Insult Week

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Shakespeare Insult Week
Hi! Here's a PDF of the handouts and reference pages I use for my middle schoolers. But also really great for high school, too! I would love to hear any feedback or things you did differently in your class! 

1. Student Guided Notes
2. Write like Shakespeare Handout
3. Reference Page: What did Shakespeare call you?
4. Reference Page: Shakespeare insults and flattery tables
5. Reference Page: Two open ended scenes 

I also I use my SLAM poster for hype the days before :) 

Lesson Overview: 

Day one: I have the kids make cootie catchers/ fortune tellers, my kids love this part "cuz it's throwback". they write four words from the first column where the colors go, write eight words from the second column where the numbers go, and then four words from the third column under the flap. Just like in a real cootie catcher game- they have to spell out the words. Extra credit if they want to make a compliment one!

Day two: We use open ended scenes where they add in their Shakespearean insults or complements. We talk about sentence structure and word choice and discuss how the action would change if we replaced the insults with compliments. 

Day three: Informal classroom performances. I guess you could add two days of rehearsal and then a formal performance. 

We cover SAT words, spelling, sentence structure, Shakespeare facts, word choice, tone annnnd playwriting.

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