Six Weeks Custom Calender

$ 10.00

The new school year is coming up, so stay organized each six weeks with these vertical posters. This calendar comes with blank boxes so you can write in the dates and events.Just like all of our posters- we can print it in two different sizes- 12x16 or 18x24.

If you are anything like me- I love to be color coded and labeled. This option will help you spread your brand in an organized and functional way. I love purple. Everything must and will be purple in my classroom. So of course, I'm going to make mine purple. OR each of my classes have different folder colors- I may color code a calendar for each period? Seriously the options are endless and so organized.  

Here's what I need from you-
1. What are your colors? The background color and the days of the week color will be the same. BUT the title color can be different. I'll default to white otherwise.
2. Tell me your custom title. 
3. If you want your logo or an image, send a .jpg file to 

Pro tip: Laminate it and use a skinny expo or vis-a-vis marker to write in dates and events. So you can use it over and over again. 

Take it to the next level to plan out your whole year by ordering six calendars, one for each marking period. 

Admin, students and most importantly YOU will love how organized life is! <3 

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