Final Exam: Written Style

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Final Exam: Written Style

The end of the semester is so close! It’s time to start to planning for it! Here is an amazing alternative for a theatre exam! Create a short scene inspired by an unit or topic from a core class. The scene should be able to be used to teach something new in an entertaining way.The topic could be as simple as personifying liquid and solids or as complex as reliving the battle at the Alamo. The American Revolution is too vast to cover in short scene, pick a topic that is more specific like the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Included in this 16 page File :

  • Cover Pages for each packet
  • Review Packet
  • Writing Checklist
  • Pre- Writing Outline
  • Final Exam Packet
  • Writing Rubric
  • Extra Credit 

Your vacation just got so much closer! 

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